Miami BNA has been a true gem in my professional development. I became a member while I was a student nurse and have been awarded two scholarships which have been a help in the advancement of my career. I have been introduced to some amazing healthcare professionals while being a member and also have had many opportunities to volunteer and work alongside so many elite people within the profession. BNA as a whole but Miami BNA specifically has mold and shaped me into being the best nurse that I can be

Amber Roberts

“I have been a member of Miami BNA since January 2016 and it has been a rewarding experience. I have been able to network with several nurses in the Miami/Broward area, gained mentors and received scholarships for my academic endeavors. I have benefited greatly as a member of Miami BNA.”

Chad Jones

RN, Ft Lauderdale Behavioral Health Center

“Being a member of the Black Nurses Association has been a blessing. I have been supported by this organization in every possible way. From their Scholarship Luncheons that have awarded me financial assistance towards completing my nursing education, to me developing my personal skills such as public speaking through the numerous community outreach programs. I believe every nurse, especially young nurses should have such a positive mentorship and networking ability at their disposal. I have no regrets about joining this organization.”

Nadia Willy


“My name is Melissa G. Georges, Born and raised in Haiti. My dream job was to be in the medical field, after losing my dad, I knew my calling was nursing. In 2020 I started my nursing program at Arizona college of nursing. Miami-BNA was a big part of my education, I was granted a scholarship that help with some of my school finances, and I’ve had some great mentors that helped me become the person I am today. Thank you, Miami-BNA.”

Melissa Georges


To begin with, I would like to thank all the leaders of BNA, Professor Sharon, Dr. Richards Millicent, and Dr. Constance for helping me during my nursing school journey.

I had a great privilege to be a part of the BNA organization. I have been struggling to pay for my school tuition ; fortunately, one of my peers invites me to be a part of the BNA organization. Since I ve been with BNA my entire life change , the BNA organization supported me financially and intellectually. The BNA organization have a great support system. There is no word that can describe the Positive impact all the members from the BNA brought into my life.

Professor Sharon and Dr. Richard Millicent treat me just like their son, they always give me great advice and always be there for me when I’m mentally down. They also support me to get in to the FIU psychiatric NP program. I am very greatful to be a part of this extraordinary organization. Im encourage each of every single of nursing student to be a part of BNA organization, trust me you will not be regret to enrolled in this organization. I make a commitment to be a part of this organization , to work for this organization and to recruit new nursing students so they can grow in this organization and be a great tools for this society and help our community grow.

Winchel William



The many benefits include

  • Subscription to the Journal of the National Black Nurses Association, a Bi-annual published professional peer reviewed journal
  • Networking with African American nurses around the country; and other  countries, such as the Caribbean; Canada; and West Africa
  • Access to Experts and Mentors
  •  Local meetings and annual conferences throughout the country
  • Continuing education contact hours for licensure. Tuition discounts to select colleges & universities and so much more…
  • Purdue University Global, Inc. (Includes spouses, domestic partners, parents, siblings, and children)
  • 20% discount on undergraduate degree and certificate programs (excluding ExcelTrack®) 
  • 12% discount on nondoctoral graduate degree and certificate programs (including 10% on DNP)
  •  No fixed expiration date, but subject to be terminated at discretion of Purdue Global
  • For more info use our organizational link in the “Members Only” Section of our website
  • (

Grand Canyon University

  • 10% off tuition scholarship for members, providing savings toward tuition for online  undergraduate, graduate or doctoral degree programs at Grand Canyon University. ** (The CHEC scholarship cannot be combined with any other institutional scholarship/ award.)
  • 5% off tuition scholarship for spouses and dependents of members, providing savings toward tuition for online undergraduate, graduate or doctoral degree programs at Grand Canyon  University. ** (The CHEC scholarship cannot be combined with any other institutional scholarship/ award.
  • No fixed expiration date, but subject to be terminated at discretion of Grand Canyon University
  • For more information, contact at CHEC (Canyon Healthcare Education Collaborative)  representative.

Strayer & Capella University

  • 10% tuition discount for Alliance Members will receive a on all Strayer University, LLC   (“Strayer”) Courses (Immediate family, spouse or domestic partner, unmarried children of member, spouse or domestic Partner)
  • Strayer & Capella will provide a dedicated primary contact to facilitate the Program between   Alliance Partner and Strayer (“Alliance Manager”)
  • Strayer & Capella will provide a welcome page specifically for Alliance Partner Alliance Members on the websites (
  •  Strayer & Capella will provide marketing assistance and communication for Alliance Partner to support promotion of continuing education

Membership Benefits