1. Johanni Cadet (+ $250 Book Scholarship)
  2. Dercus Caneus
  3. Wisly Jean
  4. Tasha Saint Louis
  5. Najee Saint Louis
  6. Loudine Desire
  7. Tiaundra Bell
  8. Dhana Clark
  9. Sophia Dennis (+ $250 Book Scholarship)
  10. Camesha Douglas

Miami-Black Nurses Association (Miami BNA) has made a significant impact within the South Florida communities, as well as positive partnerships with other organizations. Over the past (41) forty-one years, we have been able to provide scholarships and awards to deserving individuals who have chosen to passionately follow our profession. Miami BNA has awarded over $32,000 in scholarships to students pursuing careers in nursing. Each Student received $1000 and (2) two Book Scholarships of $250 each were awarded.

Scholarship Recipients