Background and Purpose

The purpose of the NBNA Mini Nurse Academy is to provide students from traditionally underrepresented communities with opportunities and experiences with professional nursing careers. The goal is to increase awareness of nursing as a career option for students in 3rd through 6th grades who attend schools in underserved areas.

The NBNA Mini Nurse Academy aims to transform the nursing workforce by educating and inspiring youth from diverse populations to become nurses. A diverse workforce leads to better access and health care for underrepresented populations. The recruitment, retention, and graduation of a diverse nursing workforce is likely to increase access to culturally sensitive health care for all Americans.

The Academy curriculum includes three interactive content modules to introduce students to the profession of nursing and nursing activities. After completion of the modules, participants enter the follow-up period and interact with members of the local NBNA chapter in chapter and community activities. Local chapter nurses act as role models and mentors and maintain frequent contact as students continue on to middle and high school.