Miami BNA’s goal is to provide high-quality healthcare to all, while decreasing health disparities in underserved communities.

Our Mission: To decrease health disparities through Advocacy, Education, and Health Promotion.

Our Vision: A community without healthcare disparities

Miami Chapter-Black Nurses Association, INC. has established an organization to investigate, define and determine what the health needs of African Americans are and implement change to make available to African Americans and other minorities, health care commensurate with that of the larger society.

Black Nurses have the understanding, knowledge, interest, concern, and experience to make a significant difference in the health care status of the African American Community.

Our 2022 Goals: Increase the awareness of the milestones reached by the Miami Chapter.

  • Increasing overall general membership with a focus on recruiting male Nurses
  • Increase Member Engagement through active participation and retention through consistent communication
  • Increasing revenue through sustainable partnerships and investment strategies

Goals Achieved:

  • Increased membership retention rate
  • Increased income and revenue
  • Increased community engagement

The President’s Goals