11 Aug 2019

Please note this document contains links for BNA Members only. Please do not distribute for recruiting purposes.

1) Capella University a. 10% discount on all Capella Courses (this discount applies to BNA members as well as eligible members of the BNA member’s immediate family including spouse, domestic partner, and unmarried dependent children under age 30) b. 4 Free Nurse CE Webinar Courses c. Valid through 14 May 2021 with possibility of extension through 2022 d. Opportunity for additional grants. For more info use our organizational link below:

2) Purdue University Global  a. 15% discount on undergraduate degree and certificate programs (excluding ExcelTrack) b. 12% discount on graduate degree and certificate programs (excluding DNP, Concord Law, and ExcelTrack) c. No fixed expiration date, but subject to be terminated at discretion of Purdue Global d. For more info use our organizational link:

https://go.purdueglobal.edu/els/healthcare/?source=SF51164&ve=60005&utm_source =BNA.PurdueGlobal.edu&utm_medium=prnt&utm_campaign=els_lg_els-bna_2019